The Tutorials were written by myself, Leon Tefft. For over 30 years I have been a modeler of all types of subjects although I've come to focus my attention on automobiles. I build for my own enjoyment whether that means building a simple shelf model, a superdetailed project for competition, or anything in between. Part of my enjoyment comes from interacting and helping fellow modelers any way I can. I have an affinity for modeling, the colors of modeling, the artistry and technical skill of painting, and the Internet. This website allows me to combine them all and interact with modelers who share the same interests on a worldwide scope.

I use lacquer products and care about how others use them. That's why I created the Tutorials. Their objective is to relate information and techniques about the safe and proficient use of automotive paint products based on acquired knowledge and real world experience in order for modelers to easily and comfortably discover their advantages. I don't advocate anyone trying them without first knowing what they are, what they do, how to use them and why to use them. If you are able to achieve greater success and personal satisfaction through better results with your modeling efforts by learning the "black art" of painting with lacquer then the Tutorials will have served their purpose.

There are all types of materials related to automotive paint products that may share the same names but may have qualities that require proper usage guidelines differing from what is presented here. For instance, following the guidelines in the "Applying Automotive Lacquer" Tutorial to apply a hobby-type lacquer finish would yield poor results. Both paints may be referred to as "lacquers" but they reside in two completely different worlds.

Each Tutorial opens in a new window for easier reference and navigation. Tutorials are added or modified according to acquired knowledge and experience, discovery of new products, updated technical information, etc. 

There are as many different styles and practices of painting as there are painters. The Tutorials should be regarded as guidelines rather than specific directions. Modify them to suit your personal likes and preferences if you wish. Whatever works best for you is the best way to enjoy what you're doing.

Thanks, and enjoy!