Hey, we don't just build 'em, right? Here's a few cars I've had around over the years and some friends' cars too! 
Welcome To My Website! I'm Leon Tefft
Since exploring other people's websites on the Internet I've greatly increased my knowledge and enjoyment of the car modeling hobby. I wanted to take part and offer something in return so I created the Scale Auto Kingdom. 
My first informative resource, the Color Catalog, offers insight on factory color information useful for builders of replica stock models. I also maintain a vast listing of Model Links as well as Web Links useful for budding web designers. For a peek at some of the projects I've completed there's always the Model Gallery too.
I'm also a member of CARS In Miniature based in northern Illinois. We are a club of over 70 current members who host such events as the Northern Illinois Modelers Open, an all-category contest held annually in August. Among other events we also host a Family Picnic & Car Show every summer and a fantastic Christmas Banquet at the end of the year. 
CARS In Miniature's new home as of March 2000 is the Algonquin Township Offices. This municipal facility is spacious with plenty of chairs and tables, separate men's and women's restrooms, a full kitchen, TV/VCR, and lots of parking. Come and see for yourself!
Anyone interested in joining CARS In Miniature can contact me here for a complimentary newsletter or just stop in at one of our meetings as our welcomed guest. You can tell them I sent you! We meet on the second Saturday of each month at 7:00 PM at:
The Algonquin Township Offices     3702 U.S. Highway 14
(North of Three Oaks Road & East of Sands Road)
Crystal Lake, Illinois