1966 Pontiac GTO


  A - Starlight Black
  B - Blue Charcoal Metallic
  C - Cameo Ivory
  D - Fontaine Blue Metallic
  E - Nightwatch Blue Metallic
  H - Palmetto Green Metallic
  K - Reef Turquoise Metallic
  L - Marina Blue Metallic
  N - Burgundy Metallic
  P - Barrier Blue Metallic
  R - Montero Red
  T - Martinique Bronze Metallic
  V - Mission Beige
  W - Platinum Metallic
  Y - Candlelight Cream
  ?  - Tiger Gold Metallic

Three other colors (Fathom Turquoise, Copper Blaze Metallic, and Ramada Bronze Metallic) are Pontiac Motor Division colors but are not confirmed as GTO specific colors.

Interior Colors - Blue, Turquoise, Fawn, Red, Black, and Parchment.