1969 Dodge Charger


  A4 - Silver Metallic
  B3 - Light Blue Metallic
  B5 - Bright Blue Metallic
  B7 - Medium Blue Metallic
  F3 - Light Green Metallic
  F5 - Medium Green Metallic
  F6 - Bright Green Metallic   (mid-year color)
  F8 - Dark Green Metallic
  Q5 - Bright Turquoise Metallic
  R4 - Bright Red
  R6 - Red
  T3 - Light Bronze Metallic
  T5 - Copper Metallic
  T7 - Dark Bronze Metallic
  V2 - Hemi Orange Metallic   (Charger Daytona only)
  W1 - White
  X9 - Black
  Y2 - Yellow
  Y3 - Cream
  Y4 - Gold Metallic

Vinyl Roof Colors - White, Black, Green, and Tan.

Bumblebee Stripes - Black, Red, White, or Stripe Delete Option.

Interior Colors - White, Black, White/Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Tan.