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1968 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi conversion based on Revell's 1968 Dick Landy Charger. Unlike you might guess, this replica stock conversion does not require a parts swap with Revell's 1969 Charger - most everything necessary to complete this 1968 conversion is already included with the Dick Landy kit. Other kits used for necessary conversion parts include:
     Revell's 1967 Plymouth GTX - Hemi exhaust manifolds, air cleaner & air cleaner decal.
     Revell's 1968 Mr. Norm's Dart - 15" wheel covers & redline tires.
Hemis were only available with 15" wheels so the kit supplied 16" rims would not do. 
The only real scratchbuilding entailed joining the '68 exhaust to the '67 exhaust manifolds. The pipes were cut short at the leading end and two sections of Evergreen tubing were bent and sanded to match up with the manifold ends. Once properly measured, the tube sections were glued to the exhaust pipes then puttied and sanded smooth before finishing with Model Master Aluminum.
Further changes included the addition of Detail Master ignition wiring, parts box license plate decals, and a yellow & black firewall warning decal from The Last Detail, Inc.
The finish is 1968 Dodge Code Q - Bright Blue Metallic lacquer. The Black bumblebee stripes are handpainted and were masked individually using 3M Fine Line paint masking tape for super sharp edges.