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Based on a 1:1 car I owned, this replica stems from the 1:20 scale Monogram kit #2404. The 1980 - 82 Corvettes all sported the front and rear spoilers integrated into the body design. An obvious characteristic that distinguishes the 1981 from the others is the lack of a chrome strip along the top edge of the side rocker panels below the doors. Corvettes of the era were a bit short on performance but long on looks and luxury.
I modified the interior console panel to an automatic transmission shifter and added the twin remote mirror adjustment lever. The interior is fully upholstered and finished with a custom paint mix to replicate the Charcoal leather interior.
The engine bay contains the 350 V-8 finished in the appropriate Light Blue and is fully fitted with proper radiator, heater, and air hoses, hose clamps, spark plug wiring, harnessed electrical wiring, battery cables, and brake lines.
The simplified undercarriage was enhanced with the addition of muffler clamps and hardware.
The exterior is finished with Code #75 Red lacquer custom mixed by MCW Automotive Finishes. The last added personal touch to complete my replica is the photo reduced vanity license plates.