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Built in the summer of 1995, this 1970 Chevrolet Corvette, based on the Monogram Tom Daniel's "California Street Vette" kit, was my first effort at creating a superdetailed project. It was about this time when I became interested in testing my modeling skills on a more advanced level. Although this car did not meet all of my expectations, it did serve as a useful stepping stone in learning to better plan, address, and execute the many aspects and obstacles of building a successful superdetailed project.
Modifications include a chopped pillarless windshield, topless targa conversion, and hood openings widened for the angled injector stacks. The body is finished in Black Metallic lacquer with hand designed flames done in a two-tone fade using GM Code #23 - Maui Blue Metallic & Code #80 - Quasar Blue Metallic. All louvers are finished in Satin Black. Additional aftermarket items used:
     Model Car Garage - aluminum gas cap & underhood insulation material
     S&S Specialties - "Corvette" license plate frame
The interior is dull coated Tamiya X-14 Sky Blue acrylic enamel and is upholstered throughout with Detail Master Medium Blue flocking. A Machined Aluminum Specialties nitrous oxide tank fitted with a valve handle, buckled tie straps, and braided line resides behind the driver's seat. Additional aftermarket items used:
     S&S Specialties - drilled foot pedals mounted on scratchbuilt pedal arms
     Model Car Garage - seat belt material and steering column ignition
     Detail Master - front & rear stereo speaker grilles
Motivating the "Rat" is the rat from Revell's 1969 Corvette, an altered 427 C.I. big block finished in Maui Blue Metallic. The modified intake and timing cover are from Monogram's Trouble Maker El Camino capped with staggered Part by Parks injector stacks. The intake is fed through a scratchbuilt fuel distribution block connecting Detail Master fuel and nitrous lines with machined valve and compression fittings. Scratchbuilt exhaust connectors lead to drilled side pipes from Monogram's 1966 Malibu SS Street Machine. Additional aftermarket items used:
     Scale Repro's Plus - 427 C.I. ribbed aluminum valve covers
     Model Car Garage - aluminum pulley set, radiator cap, and steel mesh radiator screen
     Curbside Dioramics - alternator, alternator bracket, and oil filter
     Detail Master - coolant hose, header flanges, and flex fan
     Preston's - pre-wired distributor
     MSC Model Products - heater hose
     Performance Detail Products - hose clamps & tie wraps
     RB Motion - A/N radiator fittings
The chassis is largely stock in configuration with the addition of a four wheel disc brake system using Detail Master 3-piece drilled discs and hard lines connecting the Curbside Dioramics master brake cylinder to Model Car Garage calipers. White lettered ARII B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A rubber tires mount the JPS custom aluminum wheels. Additional aftermarket items used:
     Curbside Dioramics - front suspension springs
     Detail Master - 2-piece wheel spinner knock-offs
     Model Car Garage - brake cylinder cap
     S&S Specialties - chassis plumbing looms