SUNDAY - AUGUST 11, 2002
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
McHenry County College
8900 U.S. Route 14   Crystal Lake, Illinois


Disclaimer: The executive committee of the Northern Illinois Modelers Open hereby pronounce that the rules as presented herein are subject to change without notice when said committee deems that a written rule needs further clarification. Said changes will be made in the best interest of the show and in fair play to all involved.

1)  Contest entrants are not required to be a member of IPMS/USA or any of its affiliated chapters. However, membership in the IPMS/USA is strongly encouraged.

2)  Following a change in the IPMS/USA National Convention rules, "The Composition Rule of 75% Plastic" does not apply to the entries in this contest. The use of "plastic" is encouraged but is not a required medium for construction. The same finishing standards apply.

3)  There is no limit of entries per person in any one category. However, "sweeps" are not allowed. Only one award per person, per category is allowed.

4)  All entries must be the work of the contestant.

5)  Models that have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place or their equivalents in any Regional or National competition prior to January 1, 2001, and/or any prior NIMO contests, are not eligible for competition. Display on the allotted 'NNL-style' display table is encouraged.

6)  Each entry may have written support documentation next to the model if space permits.

7)  To qualify as "Out of the Box" a model must be constructed from the contents of a single kit as merchandised by the manufacturer.

  • Kit bashing or part swapping is not allowed.

  • You may use aftermarket decals and finishes. Weathering is permitted (Bare-Metal foil is allowed and self-made "Zimmerit", if called out in the instructions, is allowed).

  • Photoetched or other detailing parts are allowed if those parts are included in the kit as merchandised, however no additional photoetched or detail parts are permitted.

  • No 'surgery' is allowed, i.e., doors, panels, cockpits, etc. cut open or other modifications may be made to the kit to change its 'as molded' state.

  • Cutting and repositioning of parts is not allowed.

  • No extra detailing of any sort other than that specifically mentioned above is allowed. The modeler may fill seams and gaps, sand off rivets, drill out gun ports, exhaust pipes, and other appropriate openings; thin to scale such parts as trailing edges, flaps, and doors; add rigging and antennas; and add simple tape or decal seat belts in the cockpit of an aircraft or interior of a vehicle. (NO manufactured hardware is permitted - e.g., buckles, etc.)

  • Kit instructions should accompany your model and be made available for the judges to resolve questions.

  • NIMO judges reserve the right to move questionable models to a more appropriate category.

8)  Bases are allowed in all categories and will not be considered in judging except in the case of a diorama. The model may include primary crew members only or figures and accessories as merchandised by the manufacturer for this kit. Additional figures or equipment will constitute a diorama and will be moved to the proper category.

9)  Entries will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Basic construction

  • Overall finish

  • Additional detailing

  • Degree of difficulty

  • Presentation and overall accuracy

10)  Contest judges will work in teams of three or more with one judge designated as team leader who will be responsible for the integrity of the team as a whole. No judge will be allowed to judge a category in which they are entered.

11)  The judge's decisions are final in all cases.

12)  The judge's committee reserves the right to move entries to the proper category. In a case where an entry may fit more than one category it is the contestant's decision as to the final category placement for judging.

13)  Junior categories are limited to kids and young adults in two age brackets - 8 Years & Younger (Juniors I) and Young Adults 9-16 (Juniors II). Juniors II may compete in adult categories of their choice, however all of the contestant's entries must be entered in adult. Entries may not be split between Junior II and adult categories. All Juniors I & II entrants that do not place 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive an award for their participation in NIMO. NIMO strongly encourages our young modelers to enter into the contest fun.

14)  Poor sportsmanship will absolutely not be tolerated! NIMO reserves the right to disqualify and void entries and will ask the offending party to leave the show and the premises.

15)  Representative NIMO judges will be available after the awards presentation to answer contestants questions and make constructive comments if so asked.

16)  NIMO reserves the right to refuse any objectionable or offensive subject. matter. NIMO is a family show - home and family values will not be compromised.

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